Etsy Party, Dot Day 2011 & Malabrigo Sale

Greetings to Summer! And what wild weather we had last night… the lightening was cool from my viewpoint although the western part of the State got a little more than it expected! I wish all of you the best out there…and hope clean-up goes well.
This month kicks off the first of a few activities we’re hosting at Stitch House. I hope you can join us in the fun. First: Sunday is Dorchester Day and the parade which celebrates our neighborhood and our spirit. As you know I chair the Little Miss and Young Miss Dorchester contests and I’d like to congratulation Little Miss 2011 Marie McCarthy and Young Miss 2011 Vivien Bui. Both girls, and all the contestants did a wonderful job presenting themsleves and will do great things representing Dorchester this year and the many years to follow. Next week marks the 2011 Etsy Craft Party and we’re playing host to a day full of events! Some simple, some complicated, some silly – all FUN! The day will kick off with morning coffee and end with a sewing extravaganza! Details will be revealed next week – but save part or all of your day for us!
Today marks the official start of a great Stitch House Sale – for the entire month of June all MALABRIGO yarns are 40% off! Can you imagine how great a sweaters worth of Malabrigo worsted on sale would feel? We also have Chunky and Lace in a ton of colors….the earlier you get in here the better the color selection and quantities. There is also still a good supply of yarns on clearance too including a batch of Cascade Luna I ordered in error (that 50% off for a full bag!) and recent delivery of Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace and Shepherd Worsted.
Just minutes ago, before I sat to write you I hung more Rooftop on to dry. The sunshine has been a great influence on my color choices. This week Suzanne from West Roxbury brought in the most stunning beaded shawl in the Rooftop Pure Charm (laceweight) she made for her daughter to coordinate with her bridesmaid dress. It got me so excited to get started on my own and I challenge you to make one with me. And, you can pick your own Rooftop Yarn and your own pattern. We’ll put together a little contest called Rooftop Challenge that will run through the end of July and the winner will get to hang out with Claire and me and dye your own batch of a custom color with us. I think this will be fun! If you’re interested let us know and we’ll get you more details.
What else you ask? Katie is teaching an Intro to Socks this Saturday, 2-4pm.  Here are some of our upcoming classes for your viewing pleasure… and off to the parade I go! Cheers!
PS: Claire is in hysterics about a You Tube clip from the show IFC show “Portlandia” that strikes a cord with us crafters…
Etsy Craft Party: Friday, June 10, 2011 (put a bird on it!)

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