New To Clearance, 2 for 1 Knits, Happy Father’s Day

This week I’ve been starting to plan my Fall Yarn Collection. I got some sad news for me, good news for you from one of our favorite lines. Cascade is discontinuing their Tweed 128 – a yarn that we have stocked in many colors and has become a fan-favorite for sure. We don’t want to wait so we’re giving it to you are a super deep discount. All stock of the Cascade Tweed 128 is on clearance for 50% but it is only here as long as it lasts! We have some great colors and lots of stock – sweaters worth for certain. Come in and get it!

Since we were clearing out the 128 Tweeds, I thought I should add a few more yarns I wouldn’t be renewing for the fall. Added to the 50% Clearance Table you’ll also find Cascade 220 Quatros, Queensland Haze, Louisa Harding Jasmine and Lorna’s Laces Fisherman. Those plus the yarns already on our “sale table” will certainly make your trip to Stitch House worthwhile!

While you’re in you should also check out Claire’s Gradient Cowl from Shibui Knits. It is the perfect Summer Knitting project for almost anyone. If you’re not
almost anyone, try a Jeweled Cowl by Sachiko Uemura. It’s a quick knit and a great way to learn and practice the crochet beaded method on this knitted project.

If you’re hoping to learn to knit or want to get a friend into it, sign up for our Knit 101/102 classes. These classes are perfect for the never-knit-before crowd and those who want to improve their skills and perhaps learn a new one or two. For the months of June and July and August get a 2 for one deal!

We also have lots more happening at Stitch House. Come in this afternoon and see the work of our Quilt Club members. We’ll be here sewing up a storm from 4-6pm and always happy to welcome new members!

This week was Knit in Public Week and so many of you had some real fun with it. We were trying to organize the “big event” for today but those plans never really came together. So YOU get out there and knit in public today. As you do, please post your pictures, and check out some of ours on Facebook .

I hope to see you soon and have a wonderful Father’s Day. Check out what I’m creating for Doug using the boys’ hand outlines for him on his special day (although I think he has no idea tomorrow is Father’s Day!). I found it on Pinterest and in order to justify all the time I’m spending on there I will start to “make/recreate/do” one thing a week that I find on Pinterest. Join me in this adventure and follow our pins!

Talk soon, in person or online.



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