Weekend Workshops, Cascade 40% off, and more!!

Good August to you! Can you believe the month is half over?! For all my teacher-friends… I am so sorry that I reminded you that the time is almost coming to its inevitable end. But I did try one new technique this Summer, one I haven’t done before: this Summer I set NO goals. I had no projects planned, no expectation to get anything done at the shop, at the house, with the kids. Nothing. I simply enjoyed this Summer and the time off from the high school. And doing this was a nice change from the usual setting lofty goals and scrambling come now to get them done before the school year starts.
I did do a lot of knitting and sewing this Summer. I just finished the New Concetta Cardigan in one of my new favorite yarns from Malabrigo: Rios. You need to check out Rios and find a project for it – it is awesome to work with and the colors are great! I’m also planning our Fall 2012 Quilting Club project. I’m happy to get your thoughts but for now the plan is a traditional “Trip around the World” patchwork quilt. I also did a lot of housekeeping in the basement and we put more yarns in the clearance bin to make room for Fall yarns! In addition to the Cascade Sale at 40% off, we have lots of wonderful yarns in the clearance area at 50% off.
As you may have seen on the Stitch House Facebook Page Katie designed a beautiful shawl using Be Sweet’s Bubble Ball. She did a great job on this original design and with yarn purchase, you can join her Saturday afternoon and make one for you or as a gift. Katie’s a Sip of Bubbly  is available on Ravelry for purchase, or at Stitch House free with purchase (and you get a workshop with her!). Katie is running this workshop Saturday, August 18 from 3-5pm.
What else? Oh- Claire’s Gradient Shawl Workshop last month was a huge hit, she’s running it again this weekend! Join her Sunday, August 19 from 3-5pm. If you joined it last month, come in and show off what you have done and sit with us and get more done (peer pressure) or – start another one! This workshop is free with materials purchase.
In the meantime, our Fall Class Listing is posted and we hope you can join us soon.
Until then,

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