It’s My Birthday (well yesterday was!)

Today is my birthday! Instead of taking it easy and sleeping in, I decided since it’s my special day and a very cool date, 12-12-12, I would wake up early (5am as I am writing this) and get the most of the day. First I made a pot of coffee (and since the day will end late, I might need a second pot later!), checked my email and sat down to do one of my favorite parts of owning Stitch House – writing my weekly note to you! 
My pending birthday got me thinking about so many things. I wasn’t sure if I should spend my reflection on the good, the bad or the ugly? The big, the minor or the silly? So I figured since this wasn’t a “big” birthday, just a cool date 12-12-12 (i’ll say this a thousand times because it is very cool – thanks MOM!) I would consider it all and be grateful for the better things in my life. For the good: I have a wonderful family. I am so lucky to have a great husband Doug (who is hosting tonight’s festivities) and 4 so-perfectly wildly, energized and healthy kids Douglas, Charlie, Kayden & Sam. My mom Barbara and my sisters Sonia and Sarrah are my heart and soul. My friends are the best and the joy of my everyday who I certainly don’t thank enough. They have encouraged me through more bad than anyone can ever expect of a lifetime of friendship (and I’m not that old!). I am especially grateful for their love the last few years as my family has suffered one too many losses. I love you Lesley, Claire, Kerry & Jess. You are the best friends I don’t deserve. And of course my college roomies – who know how to hug me from long distances. That is my shout-out to Sandy, Chris, Angel and Lisa. If you want to know they ugly – that’s who to talk to- but I promise I will deny everything and know for sure there are no pictures! I am grateful those college years weren’t documented by digital devices!
I have certainly been blessed and look forward to enjoying time with the friends I’ve had for years and those I have been so lucky to meet through the shop. It is so hard to make new friends the older you get, but all the fantastic folks I have met at the Stitch House, and all the friendships I have seen develop because of the Shop, proves that theory wrong. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives and thank you to the Stitch House staff (Cassidy, Claire, Juliann, Valaree, Valerie, Heather, Katie, Jeanne, Bill, Eliza) for creating a place for all of this to happen. I am a lucky girl.
I know I am super lucky to have the birthday of 12-12-12 and since I’ve always loved a good party and I want to spend this time with you I hope you can pop in for a party because we’re having one tonight. It is certainly a good thing I don’t mind some attention! Please join all of us (my family, friends, Stitch House Staff) this evening from 6pm-10pm for food, fun and a beverage. 
All my best,
Thank you for 5 Years of Stitch House!
Stitch House
846 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02125
Mondays 10am-6pm
Tuesday- Friday 10 to 8pm
Saturday 10 to 6pm
Sunday 12 to 6pm

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