Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the George Family!

This year I wish I got this letter done and off to you before the tragedy of last Friday. It is painful to watch the families of those affected by the violence in Sandy Hook Elementary School. For most of us these final weeks before Christmas are a blur of “how many more days” and “make sure Santa gets me…” or “will it snow this Christmas?” and finally “I know the name of the angel who visited Mary to tell her Baby Jesus was coming. All our children should worry about is will they get the best present ever under their tree. I pray for those families, and hope to no end this never happens again.  I can also share how grateful I am for all that I do have.

Doug and I are very lucky to have 4 wonderful and healthy boys. We are blessed they do well in school, love to play sports and hug each other almost as much as they wrestle. We are grateful to have a large extended family although sad of the sudden loss of our Uncle Mohamed this Summer. He has joined the rest of our deceased family in Heaven and we are certain he is at peace enjoying some catch-up time with my Dad. I am sure they have a lot to talk about given all that is happening in North Africa!

Douglas is now in second grade enjoying the challenge of reading, science and social studies. He has been so great at school and following it up on the field of play. He still favors baseball and enjoyed his Championship summer after the Savin Hill A’s won the Minors, the ADSL Cub’s won the Wooden Bat League and then topping it all off win a spot on the 7-8 year olds All Star Team. This kid loves his baseball.  Baseball is not to be outdone by the fun at Soccer, running plays in Flag Football, learning new skills in Basketball and now  scoring in Ice Hockey. This Fall he got his first goal during period break play at the Providence Bruins.  And yes, he has a little victory gesture following every goal, basket, score and run he makes!

Charlie is the most competitive of the bunch. Last year when the A’s needed an extra player to fill a roster for a game, Charlie stepped up with no hesitation. He had no worries he could hold his own with kids 2 years older than him. He loves the challenge and proved he might be too good for T-ball. Soccer though is his sport. Scoring goals galore, Charlie is in his element on the green grass. He runs and runs and never tires. He is proud to follow in Douglas’ footsteps in all sports and has done the same in the classroom. Charlie wants to be student of the year. He works so hard to do his best and works everyday in the classroom to reach perfection. He is succeeding for sure and when asked why he should be elected President, Charlie said because he is “polite”

Kayden continues to love the world of construction and destruction. Everyday, without fail, he is building a new Lego creation, taking it apart and starting over. This kid is going to invent something spectacular one day. His new thing is managing each Lego project as if it were Doug’s newest development. He goes around interviewing “workers” and tells them they need to do a good job, listen to him, or else get fired. And you will do it for free! When he plays sports he may appear to not be paying attention but he is quietly contemplating the skills required to be successful He sits, plans and then attacks. He waited some time this year before moving onto the ice and we worried about his time lost… there was no worry. Kayden replied to his Presidential creditials that he should be elected because he was “smart”

Sam is the baby of the bunch but is not to be outdone by his older brothers. This past July Fourth we went to the waterfront to watch the Tall Ships and see the Navy Seal jump. While there Sam proved his inner and outer strength at the Seal recruiting booth. While grown men of great strength struggled with chin-ups and pull-ups, Sam patiently waited his turned and to the cheers of the crowd watching, did 9 full pull-ups! His little body is all muscle – and he shows off all his athletic ability and academic knowledge. He is fast, strong and smart. You should see this kid run and skate. You should hear him read and his best asset for President is that he “works hard”.

From our home to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2013!


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