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You must remember those silly exercises in school where your teacher asked you to write about what you’d be when you grew up, or what you’d be doing in 5, 10, or 15 years. I remember a few of those stages in my life when I thought I’d be an astronaut (during 6th grade when the movie Space Camp was released), dancer (yes, my parents did spend a small fortune on ballet, tap and jazz), a doctor (because of a summer in the hospital at age 6), and then a detective or FBI agent (I loved General Hospital and Frisco, Anna, Robert and Duke fighting international criminals on the streets of Port Charles!). Then there was Foreign Service Officer or even a run for political office (now I play diplomat at home with the kids!) But in all these years I NEVER (and I do mean NEVER) did I peg myself a “Hockey Mom”! This week the boys have been running crazy from all sorts of sports, but I have been so excited watching them LOVE playing hockey. They promise me they still love baseball more (Oh – there is hope!) but they just love the ice time, the frozen fingers and just the simple fun they seem to be having. Although I wish for warmer days sooner, rather then later, I am sad to see the season start to wind down. I wish the boys luck (and all the kids trying out) this week and look forward to the next sport, Baseball! And, I have secretly wished for the same workout they get. Man – talk about a strong core. Nothing beats that workout!
Well, for the time being, I am a yarn shop owner – and I try to be the best, darned yarn shop owner you’ve ever met!  The joy I get from watching all of you knitting, sewing, crocheting and making new friends (especially on Friday nights) makes me feel so great about this place called Stitch House. For all of you happy to be knitters, sewers and crafters, I have some great things happening here and I hope you can join us!
Tonight, Wednesday, March 13 Grab a last minute seat in our Get To Know Your SEWING MACHINE PLUS!workshop running from 6-8pm with Cassidy.
GTK PLUS is a 2 hour workshop to familiarize yourself with either your personal sewing machine, or ours. We’ll introduce you to the machine, including turning it on, threading it, learning the basic stitches and functions, and caring for it. We also will show you how to select appropriate new-sewer patterns, read them and measure yourself for a good fit. You will leave this session feeling good about your beginner skills, a handy packet of information to use at home and a starter project for your first sewing class with us. Even if you aren’t taking a sewing class with us, this is a great opportunity to learn a few basics. If you are bringing your own sewing machine- bring all the pieces and the manual (if you can find it!). If you don’t own a machine, come get to know our machines. This workshop also includes taking your measurements, picking appropriate patterns and how to select fabrics and notions. Class cost: $20. Pick one of the following sessions offered: Saturdays  April 6, or May 4 10am – 12 noon or Tuesday, April 30, 10am-12noon
This Friday is our usual, around the Friday Night Knitting night. Please join us anytime after 6pm.Quilters in the back, knitters up front!

Saturday, March 23 
marks the return of an annual Favorite! Celebrate fiber and yarn and fun along the Red Line Crawl. Visit us and Mind’s Eye in Cambridge for a day full of all sorts of special activities! We’ll be open early and stay late. All the details to follow next week – so keep an eye out for the schedule of events.
Sunday, March 24, Bill will be running a last-minute added Workshop for finishing! Join him Sunday afternoon from 3-5pm. He’ll cover seaming, picking up stitches, binding off and some light blocking (this is NOT a blocking workshop). There are few things to prepare for this workshop so give a call or send an email to register. This workshop costs $20.

Now that it is March, it is time to order some cottons and Summer yarns for the shop. While going through some new products, I discovered that two of our more popular yarns have been discontinued… and you know what that means for you – more to clearance! Claire enjoyed filling up some big buckets of Queensland Cotsoy and Sugar Rush. We have so many colors and a lot of stock for you to pick through. When you link to Ravelry check out projects you can make and come in with ideas ready to go. I do suggest you get in and shop while the pickings are still good!
In slightly unrelated news, a Stitch House customer and friend wrote a wonderful book and I hope you can help her bring to print! Abby has a Kickstarter campaign started for her 2nd children’s book, Jack & Olive. Please check it out at:  If you’ve never seen a Kickstarter campaign they are a way for individuals to raise money for small projects where people who donate get rewards correlated to how much they donate.  It’s an all or nothing thing.  If she raises the money in 30 days she will be able to publish it! Help an author out – Thanks!
I hope you have a good week and mark your calendars for the Red Line Crawl – Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Red Line Crawl Announced: Saturday, March 23!

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