Deep Sadness in Dorchester and Boston

As you know I am very proud to be from Dorchester, for Doug and I to raise our boys here, and to have thriving business in the place I grew up. I have always tried to emphasize how special this place is and what a wonderful community I am from. I have always been pained by those who criticize Dorchester and have fear to visit us because we are “in the City” and have so many “urban problems”. With the sad news of the last few days all the world is now witnessing how truly great Dorchester is and how special the people here are. It is also with profound sadness Doug and I try to figure out how to share this terrible news with the boys.
This is April school vacation week and we planned a road trip to Myrtle Beach with our family. All the cousins and friends have been enjoying the sun and beach and pool this week. While the adults have been monitoring the news and the getting frequent updates from the internet and Facebook. When we realized late Monday evening the child who was killed was an 8 year old from Dorchester (same age as Douglas) and then his sister was so terribly hurt (same age as the triplets) and then the poor mother in surgery for her injuries suffered, we knew we must know this family. This beautiful family enjoying a day in Boston. Our hearts break for them and those closest to them and we struggle with how we will tell Douglas his teammate is in Heaven and how the triplets will understand the difficult road ahead for this beautiful little girl who plays gym hockey with them Saturday afternoons. Doug and I  feel sick to the core for the pain and suffering their dad and older brother are experiencing. Then there is the fear for how close to home this hit. Because it has hit our neighborhood home. And then we realize that this attack can happen anywhere at any event, and it could be the next event we’re at… and you say “no!” fear will not rule me.
I am so torn-up by all this. I am sad, angry, scared. As I struggle with what to do next, I hold the boys a little bit tighter. I love my friends a little bit more. I think of all I take for granted. I pray more honestly. I hope you will pray with me for all those affected by the events of the last few days. Pray for those I know, pray for those you know, pray for those none of us know. Hold tighter what’s most important and live each day you have to the fullest.
With all my love and best wishes for each of you,
Below is a message from our City Councilor, Frank Baker
Dear Friends,
Words cannot express the sadness we feel over the loss of such innocence. We will pray for all the families impacted by this senseless tragedy. We will come together as a Community, a City, a State and a Nation to get through this unspeakable act.
Meetinghouse Bank has set up an account for the Richard Family. Meetinghouse Bank, along with Vargas & Vargas Insurance, will be accepting donations. Anyone looking to make a donation can go directly to Meetinghouse Bank or Vargas & Vargas Insurance in Lower Mills. Checks can be made out to the “Richard Family Fund”. For convenience, we have set up additional locations in Dorchester that will have a donation “drop box” for the Richard Family Fund. The following locations have been confirmed:
Blasi’s Cafe – 762 Adams Street
Peabody Square Firehouse- 1884 Dorchester Avenue
Viet AID – 42 Charles Street
Beauty Bar – 393 Neponset Avenue
McKenna’s Cafe – 109 Savin Hill Avenue
Savin Scoops – 112 Savin Hill Avenue
224 Boston Street Restaurant – 224 Boston Street
Sugar Bowl Cafe – 857 Dorchster Avenue
Eas Care Ambulance at 500 Neponset Ave.
The Mud House on 389 Neponset Avenue
Please contact Meetinghouse Bank for more information at 617-298-2250 and ask for customer service. Cash, checks and money orders can be donated. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.
Amy M. Frigulietti
Chief of Staff
Office of Boston City Councilor Frank Baker, District 3
Boston City Hall, One City Square
Boston, Massachusetts 02201

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