All-Craft Swap – June 2!

Come join us for Stitch House’s first-ever All-Craft Swap! Sunday, June 2, from 12-2pm (rain date, June 9), in Stitch House’s back yard!
The time for spring cleaning is upon us. Katie speaking here, and I’m trying to pack up my house before our great Canadian move this summer. The yarn must be organized! The fabric must be sorted! The fiber must be culled! Whether or not you’re also moving house this summer, my guess is that you could probably use a good reason to sort through your craft materials and refresh your stash.
What will the swap be like?
This is essentially a textile-y free-for-all! All and any craft materials are welcome: yarn, fabric, patterns, fiber, needlepoint, books, needles, dyestuffs, abandoned projects, etc. You bring your old stuff you don’t want anymore, sort it out, and then take home new stuff! What’s better yet, you don’t have to bring anything if you don’t want (new knitters and sewers, come build your stash!), and you don’t have to take anything home if you don’t want (SABLE? spare bedroom full of yarn/fabric? you know who I’m talking about!). After the swap, left-over materials will be donated to charity through The Knitting Connection.
How to play:
1) Sort through your good-condition craft materials you’d like to part with.
– Please make sure that your stuff is something someone else could use, no big knots or tiny scraps (at least 5 yards of yarn).
– Because we’re not assigning value or currency to things swapped, we can’t guarantee you’ll get a “fair trade” (although we think you will!), so make sure you’re really ready to give your craft things a new home!
2) Please label unlabeled materials (yarn and fabric esp.) with as much information you have: fiber content, yardage, brand, etc.
3) When you arrive, you’ll be asked to add your things to the pile, arranging roughly by category, and for yarn, by weight and fiber content.
4) Then, you get to dig through the stuff accumulated and take home whatever you like! Show up on the early side for the best picks!
5) We’ll have Stitch House bags on-hand to take loot home in. When you’re done swapping, in order to prevent confusion between swap yarn and shop yarn, we just ask that you tie your swap bag closed before going into the shop.
Check our Facebook page for details and updates, and in the event of uncertain weather, that’s where we’ll be announcing if it’s on or postponed.

Thanks, and hope to see you at the Swap!
– Katie and the Stitch House crew

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