Stash cleaning – Fabric edition!

Important note: June 2, aka Swap Day, is also Dot Day around here! Parking might be tight, so plan accordingly. It’ll be a fun day, but could be a bit crazy so I wanted to give a heads-up. You’ll probably have better luck parking closer to Andrew away from the parade route.

Hey guys,

I’m unreasonably excited about this Swap on June 2, so you all get to listen to me talk about it to you!

Yesterday while Jean-Luc was sleeping, I tackled my Fabric Box. When I moved into my last apartment, my fabric stash fit neatly into a big Rubbermaid toter. I had one sewing machine. When I moved into this one, it was overflowing a bit, but could still close. But yesterday AM the fabric totally filled this antique steamer trunk that we’d bought as a prop…and I have 4 sewing machines. Good times.

So, if you want to buy an antique steamer trunk…or a vintage 50’s Brother sewing machine, I’m your girl. Great deals if you can come and take it away! (Seriously, if you’re looking for a sewing machine I can probably bring it to the swap, so let me know.)

But back to the fabric. I’ve been collecting it for years, and have scraps from all of my prom dresses, my wedding dress, quilting bundles I was going to make. All that stuff I’m keeping (cringe). But the vinyl I bought to make a rad handbag? The lovely blue and gold brocade I got as a gift? The quirky cotton prints that were going to be a great frock way back when? The bolt of blue tulle that a friend got to make a wedding dress? These could be yours!

I gathered a big bag of scrappity scraps which I really will probably kick to the curb, but in the end, it all fits back in my Rubbermaid, and now I can try to find a new home for the steamer trunk. Moving is fun.

Next step – the Yarn Collection.

For all of you out there, come swap Fabric on June 2! All crafty things are fair game. And if you don’t have things to swap, just come to check out what others have brought. It’ll be lots of fun!



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