iPad for Knitting & Crochet, Knit 101 Sessions!

This week’s email I am going back to the basics for what we do best at Stitch House. We knit and we sew and we teach it better than no other! So, if you want to learn, check out our class listing. If you want to improve join an intro class and take on a more advanced project…
We also have a return of a super popular workshop this Sunday. I hope you can join
Jen to learn a fun trick with us this weekend, how to use your iPad as a knitting companion!! Sign up NOW for the GoodReader Workshop, Sunday October 27th from 3-5pm. $20.

iPad & Knitting Workshop

Sunday, October 27

from 3-5pm

Join special guest instructor Jennifer Lassonde to learn how to use GoodReader on your iPad to keep your knitting and crochet patterns & notes electronically. Download the GoodReader app from the Apple App Store and Jen will teach you how to use this app to manage and store your patterns, make notes about your progress or modifications, highlight your directions and charts and so much more. If you’re tired of carrying around projects notes in your various project bags, get rid of those scraps of paper and keep it all in your iPad! You will need to Download the GoodReader App for your iPad prior to the class and have a basic knowledge of iPad functionality.
This workshop costs $20 requires registration. Please call or email us to reserve your seat today and to receive additional notes to prepare for your afternoon with Jen. Call NOW to register (617) 265-8013.
Knitting for All of You!

We have a huge offering of Intro to Knit classes for you! This is for true beginners and those still new to knitting and want to develop and strengthen those beginner skills. You can pick from one of our many sessions offered, rolling starts:

  • Mondays with Claire DAYS   11am-1pm
  • Tuesdays with Valeree or Claudia & Thursdays with Valerie EVES 6-8pm
  • Saturdays 9-11am with Jen or 11:30-1:30 with Claudia & Bill

On Wednesday evenings join Kathleen & friends from 6-8pm for “Sweater Support Group”. This $10 drop in is to encourage, help and teach you what you need to get your sweater done.

Call (617-265-8013) or email to reserve a spot


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