Vote Annissa for Boston

Thank you to all that came out to vote for in the Preliminary Race in September. I am so excited that I made it into the FINAL and I hope that you will consider me for one of your four votes for the At-Large race on Tuesday, November 5th.
As you might know I have much to offer the Council. I would be an incredible addition to that body. As a mom (the only mother in the race) and a proud high school teacher (12 years East Boston High School), and the owner of a shop that has the BEST friends (aka customers) I know I have so much more to offer this great City.
I hope if you are a Boston voter that you will go to the polls on Tuesday, November 5 and VOTE for me! You will find my name #3 on on the ballot. If you aren’t a Boston voter, tell a friend, or a thousand!
Help me get elected.
This weekend we are working on our GOTV efforts. If you have time, I can use your help phonebanking and doorknocking all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Good company and treats provided!
Tuesday we still need more Poll workers. If you know Boston politics, this is an INCREDIBLE experience. Please consider working your local poll (or another one) either in the morning, evening or all day (if you really want the full experience). Join me, my friends and family during the day and then in the evening we will be celebrating a hopeful VICTORY party at my home. All welcome. Email or call office for details and to offer help 617-326-6913.
Thank you and VOTE ANNISSA!


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