Happy 2014 – New Workshops + Specials!

Happy New Year- 
Welcome to 2014!

What a year… what a year. Thank you to all who made this year a great year. And thank you to all that have made Stitch House their local yarn shop. We have had an excellent “business” year but more special is how you all have made a small, neighborhood shop your destination. We welcomed our regulars (proudly) to our table for some very special Friday nights; and we’ve met many of you from all corners of the globe. You have rejoiced in our good news, you have shared our sorrow when sadness hit so close to home. You are wonderful and I hope you always feel welcome.

All my best,


Douglas in Neon Pink "Bravo Big"

Douglas in Neon Pink “Bravo Big”

Save the Date!~~~~~~~~~~~UPCOMING WINTER WORKSHOPS!

Easy Lace for new knitters workshop: Saturday, January 18, 3-5pm $20 plus materials.
Mohair Bias Loop for new Knitters FREE Workshop. Join Claire on Sunday, January 19, 3-5pm to make this spectacular and popular pattern. Please purchase materials from Stitch House. Approx cost $45.
Easy Cables for new knitters workshop:Saturday, January  25, 3-5pm $20 plus materials.
Thrummed Mittens for Knitters. Sunday, Janaury 26 from 3-6pm $30. Pre-registration required. Materials list provided.
Mens’ Knit Night:Saturday February 1, 6-8pm.

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