Kids’ Birthday Parties at Stitch House


Kids’ Birthday Parties at Stitch House

 Description: Stitch House hosts birthday parties for boys and girls of all ages. Stitch House will provide invitations, facilitator/teacher, project materials, activity space and clean up. Families will provide guest list, food & beverage, cake & ice cream, special decorations and assistance. Kids’ birthday parties will be scheduled for 3 hours. 2 ½ hours will be dedicated to the craft items and 30 minutes for birthday type festivities (pizza & cake).

Facilitator:  Birthday parties will have one Stitch House employee to act as hostess and teacher for the craft activity during the party. This will be the contact person with the family during the event planning stage and at the party. At least one adult (parent) is expected to assist with the crafting time.


Activities: For each party 2 creative activities will take place. One will be arts & crafts like coloring, gluing, headband decoration, or similar. The main project will be sewing such as a tote bag, small stuffed pillow or elastic waist skirt. Projects will be pre-selected by the family contact and the facilitator. There will be a small activity for guests who show up a few minutes early and before the main activities start.


Activities can be customized for each party with advanced notice. Pricing and other event details may change if agreed upon by both parties.


Pricing: Birthday parties are priced per child participating in the craft activity. The charge per child is $20. The minimum amount of children participating is 4 and the maximum is 12. A deposit of 50% is due 3 weeks prior to the event date and before the invitations are mailed. Final payment is due at time of the party. Any cancellations must be made with 48 hours notice otherwise deposit is forfeited.





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