December Give-back Sundays

I missed my email last week because we have so much going on and it’s all exciting. This weekend we are running a Special Quilt Block Workshop. We welcome special guest instructor Debbie Kalenty of Studio 180. She’ll work with our limited size group on making multiple quick and accurate quilt block squares. In this workshop you’ll make half-square and quarter square triangles with Debbie, a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor, for $70. All materials, including the Tucker Trimmer, Wing Clipper and Quilter’s Magic Wand, will go home with you! You’ll have confidence in new quilt block making techniques and squares ready to be made into something spectacular!

I’m also putting together a few special activities for December. I need your help in organizing Sunday “Give Back” Afternoons. Online I call it #feelextragoodknitting – a time when we come together to knit, crochet or sew for a good cause. The holidays are busy, and we often get caught up in the bustle of big box stores and credit card bills. Let’s take a few Sunday afternoons, to drop the stress and craft for others. I’ve got a nice list going in the email.

I also hope you consider knitting with us Friday nights from 6-8pm! It is a great group of men and women around our table… bring munchies to share and a good attitude!





Check us out if you missed our spot on


December Give-back Sundays

December 7, 4-6pm: Nana’s Dolls & Sweaters

We’ll be finishing Mara’s Nana’s knit and crochet baby sweaters and dolls. Please bring matching 1″ buttons and darning needles. We’ll also have extra supplies.

December 14, 4-6pm: Hats for Kids & Adults

We’ll be knitting hats for Children’s Hospital and Dana-Farber. Bring a ball of yarn and matching needles, we’ll have a collection of patterns to pick from… including this cool one.

December 21, 4-6pm: Blankets

I have a collection of blankets with small tears. Help me hand-patch them and give to the Italian Home for Children. Bring your knitting, this will be a quickie project.

December 28, 4-6pm TBA

We’ll chat over the weeks to decide how we’ll use this week.

All crafters will be entered into a drawing for weekly raffle. Items will be donated to local charities weekly.

More classes can be found on our website:

  • Wednesday Night Knitting
  • Crochet 101 and 102

Check out our website for everything including current class listing!


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