I’m not talking about it!

I really don’t want to discuss what we’ve been doing here in the Northeast, in Boston especially. It really is too much. If you look on Facebook people have gone over the deep end, posting millions of pictures, commenting on the stresses and just simply “done” with it all. We are all in the same boat. It was pretty. WAS. But then came the closures of the T, of the roads, schools, and then we couldn’t open for business. It is just too much! How many sentences can you write or speak without mentioning our long-overstayed guest? It takes effort, now, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.
The only cool thing that we got to do with the kids on their many days off was a chance to be on NATIONAL NEWS. It was super fun and cool! Check out our clips on NBC Nightly News here.
Here’s a picture of me, Doug & Rehema Ellis (formerly of Roxbury, MA). I think the crew had fun with us…
OK – back to Stitch House news. As you know we have been closed a number of days with each “event” that comes through our City. I appreciate your patience and understanding. We know you want to visit, but I want you and our staff to be safe… and quite frankly, sometimes they can’t get in to open and you aren’t able to drive, take the T or park on the Avenue. I promise, as Spring approaches, it will be better!
With no storms on the horizon, we do have a number of classes and workshop for you. Please check them out and come in to say hi! We miss you!
Come in Friday night, as usual, we’ll be knitting and crocheting around the table! Katie Rose will be stopping by to knit with us. Come in for a visit.



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