Knit, Sew, Crochet – what we’re all about!


Have you been working through your stash this winter? I know many of you have had a difficult time getting to us – and we do want you safe – but we miss you! We have classes, sale yarns and we try to provide good company during your visit. Ask what we’ve been knitting. Everyone has great projects on their needles. Me, I’m almost done with my St Patrick’s Day sweater (please don’t judge my terrible picture) and a Kidsilk Haze Stripe wrap.

Entangled Vines from Botanical Knits

Kidsilk Haze Stripe wrap

In the last two weeks I have had a few sales reps in to help me select Spring yarns and with each new selection we clear out the heavier winter yarns. As each meeting ends, more of what we have lands on the clearance table for you to come in and take advantage of deep discounts – 50% off yarns and 75% off books. Don’t miss it!

This weekend we have a number of fun workshops happening – Bill’s Knit Skills – Fixing Mistakes, Claudia’s kick-off of her Custom Knit Sweater series, Valaree’s Yarn Substitution workshop and our newest instructor, Chad, will start his Mayapple Shawl series. All great – all have open seats for YOU! Call to reserve your place.

Although I am in the middle of hockey play-offs this weekend, the crowd will welcome you this Friday night, as usual. Come join them knitting around the table and help to distribute our charity scarves!

Annissa Sig


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