A Year in Review. Full of fiber and politics.


December 30, 2015
SH LogoI am pretty lucky to have this forum to talk to you. This year has been an incredible one and being “forced” to reflect is a wonderful gift. In the years past I have done a Christmas letter to family and friends, and often shared with all of you, and the task of drafting it really gives me the opportunity to reflect on the all we’ve done this year. I didn’t do a letter this year (I’ve been a little pre-occupied) and that has left me feeling like there’s unfinished business.

So – you get the abbreviated version here. I always start with the beginning. 2015 started off just right. I had made the decision to run again for City Council, was preparing to start my leave from teaching to focus on that run and then the snow started to fall. And it seemed to never stop. The national news came by the house to interview us on how we were dealing with it all: the kids & snow days, the piling of white stuff, the T shut down, business deeply affected. We had some fun with that and it helped ease the challenge of it all. An we had a stock of extra hats and gloves to keep everyone warm and dry. You know we had to close the Stitch House too often and that hurt business and we missed our friends, but before long, we were prepping the window boxes for Spring and welcomed Summer with open arms. We went to the Red Sox and cheered to a disappointing finish but had fun knitting away at the game! You celebrated with me as my youngest sister graduated from college, asked me what I was knitting and welcomed new staff members to the shop.

In November, if you could, you voted for me and helped me realize a teenage dream I never thought could happen. JP Knit and Stitch endorsed my run for City Council (honestly, the coolest endorsement I received). Then we broke bread together for Thanksgiving and loved each other’s company, even saying good-bye to some friends as they moved on to other adventures. You helped me collect toys for local kids and raise a couple of bucks for the Home for Little Wanderers.

Now we arrive at the end of a wonderful year knowing that for some it may have been difficult so we appreciate what have more because of your losses, sadness and challenges. I look forward, with you, to a better and brighter 2016 and hope you share some of your time with us. Thank you and Happy New Year from all of us at Stitch House – Shelley, Carrie, Diane, Valaree, Bill, Claudia, Michelle, Moo, Melissa and Cassidy.



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Knit 101/102 & Crochet 101/102

Join us for a 4-week introduction to knitting or crochet! You will learn how to cast on, basic stitches, and how to bind off, and be ready to undertake projects on your own. Pick a session that works for you and call us to sign up for the next available class. Classes are $75 for 4 weeks of 2 hr/week classes with our fabulous instructors.

Knit 101 sessions:

Sundays 1:30-3:30pm

Sundays 4-6pm

Tuesdays 6-8pm

Wednesdays 6-8pm

Saturdays 9-11am

Saturdays 11:30am-1:30pm

Knit 102 sessions:

Thursdays 6-8pm

Fridays  9-11am
All knitting classes include Monday lunchtime open knitting each week from 12noon-2pm.

Crochet 101/102:

Wednesdays 6-8pm

Get to Know your
is a 2 hour workshop to familiarize yourself with either your personal sewing machine, or ours. We’ll introduce you to the machine, including turning it on, threading it, learning the basic stitches and functions, and caring for it. You will leave this session feeling good about your beginner skills, a handy packet of information to use at home and a starter project for your first sewing class with us. Even if you aren’t taking a sewing class with us, this is a great opportunity to learn a few basics. If you are bringing your own sewing machine- bring all the pieces and the manual (if you can find it!). If you don’t own a machine, come get to know our machines. This workshop also includes taking your measurements, picking appropriate patterns and how to select fabrics and notions. $30 for one session.
Saturday, January 9 10am-12noon OR
Wednesday, January 20 6-8pm
Holiday Sewing Machine Special – for Kids! $249 includes New Year Lesson bc585403-95a8-4efd-9269-bac2044d777f.jpg

I learned to sew when I was 6… and I haven’t stopped since. This is one piece of technology you should encourage your kids to use! We’re running a special this season for kids. Purchase our Anna Sewing machine (basic, great model) for $199 and have access to an exclusive Get To Know for Kids for $50 offered January 13 (6-8pm) OR January 30th 10am-12noon so they can get comfortable with their new “toy”.

We have 2 new machines in shop, ready to go home with you!

For adults looking for that great, first machine – or new one after a while, we recommend the Molly at $299. It is just fancy enough to not be the kids’ machine, but not so complicated that you’ll be intimidated. For purchases made of this machine or the Rachel ($499) you’ll get a private 1-hour lesson scheduled at your convenience with our sewing instructor.

Box Tops!


Do you see these? The boys’ school is collecting them to raise funds for programing. Could you share your’s with me? If you could collect and bring in as you come visit us, that would be helpful! Thank you.

Winter Sew 101 Sessions


This introductory six-hour session will give you experience in the basics of sewing so you will have the knowledge and confidence to undertake projects on your own or in our Sew 102 classes. You will learn to understand, follow and cut out widely-available sewing patterns. All participants will work on the same pattern. Pattern and fabric are available for purchase at Stitch House.
Saturday, January 23 10am-4pm.
$100 plus materials

Develop your Knitting Skills
this Winter!Knit 102 with Melissa-
Join Melissa on Thursday evenings from 6-8pm. $20/session (as avail), $75/4-weeks. Starts January 7. Please pre-register.

Knit 102 with Shelley

Join Shelley on Friday mornings from 9-11am. $20/session, $75/4-weeks.
Starts January 8. Please pre-register.

Custom Sweater with Claudia
Claudia will work with you to create your dream sweater using Amy Herzog’s Custom Fit pattern series. Ongoing enrollment-join when you’re ready to start your sweater! $100 includes custom pattern, measurements and loads of hand holding.
Saturdays, 4-6pm for 10 sessions. $100.
Starts January 9. Please pre-register.

Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve December 24
Open 10-3pm
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve
Open 10-3pm
New Year’s Day


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