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Saturday, November 19
Join your Stitch House friends for a full or half day of knitting!
$60 per session, both for $1009am-12noon Meshing Around
Mesh lace stitches, or faggot lace patterns, are often used as ground fabrics in a larger lace motif. They also make a great and beautiful allover pattern. Faggot lace patterns are usually made up of one or two columns of eyelets with matching decreases, which gives them a wonderfully simple appeal. Quite often mesh stitches are made up of a 1 row repeat, an easy to remember knit! In this class, we’ll explore several mesh lace patterns, as well as appropriate uses for them. We’ll talk about which stitches are stable enough for a larger knitted piece, and which are best for smaller accessories. We’ll also discuss how to read your knitting to avoid mistakes, as well as how to repair mistakes in mesh when they occur.

1pm – 4pm Brooke’s Grab Bag of Super Simple Super Astounding Stitches
In knitting there are only 2 stitches, the knit stitch and the purl stitch. However, by manipulating these stitches in a variety of ways, we can come up with an amazing variety of fabrics! In this class, you’ll learn several super easy stitches to create wonderfully complex looking fabrics.
Amaze your friends with a lace scarf, with no counting or charts. Using only 1 yarn at a time and slip stitches, we can create intricate color work motifs, or a textured fabric with mock cables.
Learn several new varieties of rib stitches as well.
Skill: advanced beginner and materials: smooth light colored wool (2 or 3 colors). Appropriate needles Stitch markers.

Talk soon!

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